The Collegiate Esports Athlete's Guide to Health & Quarantine Sanity

The CSL season is nearing its end, and it feels like the world is too. Many businesses and services are taking precautions to limit the spread of the COVID-19 as it affects people and players worldwide. The safety of our gamers is a continued priority for us at Collegiate StarLeague as we continue to develop the collegiate esports scene in North America. If everyone does their part to battle the virus, our next season will be the healthiest one yet!

This guide will ensure that every player knows the build order for a healthy lifestyle and the super effective combos with which to battle the virus.

Hand Washing and Hygeine

The most impactful activity to help contain the spread of the virus is to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Following proper handwashing procedures will ensure that you minimize the risk of spreading viruses and Cheeto dust across your keyboard and controllers.

Be thorough! Wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Clear under your fingernails and between your fingers like you clear angles and check for campers in a bombsite.

Cover your mouth and mute your microphone when you sneeze to limit the accidental spread of bacteria IRL and to prevent your teammates from going deaf.

Be Considerate of the Surfaces You Touch

Avoid using your bare hands when touching food or your face. Head contact should only be made with pinpoint accuracy during online FPS matches with other quarantined players to pass the time.

Social Distancing and Proper Positioning

Maintain your physical distance when interacting with others: people can carry and spread a virus before they show symptoms. Practice good positioning by being aware of the people in your surroundings--being caught out of position is more dangerous than ever. Correct positioning will allow you to clear through a backlogged game library in good health and spirits.

As always, continue to restrict social interaction to online interactions for everyone’s safety.

Stock Up and Stay Safe

Many businesses have taken precautionary measures to remain open as long as possible, but others have shut down already. There’s no way to know how long the resources that are currently available will remain available.

Stock up on non-perishable food and supplies as soon as possible. You know those healing potions you've been stockpiling the whole game? Now's the time to use them. Travelling to high traffic locations like supermarkets, auction houses, secret shops, and loot box manufacturers will increase in risk as time goes on and the virus spreads. If you must travel, consider fast travelling instead of traversing the open world.

Bring Your Consumables and Stay Hydrated

Viruses are more dangerous if their host is in a weakened state: age, hygiene, nutrition, or a deadly debuff will contribute to one’s ability to stay healthy. Maintain an abundance of necessary consumables such as medicine, water, caffeine and anything else that will buff you up during the quarantine.


Taking precautions will help everyone involved with the global pandemic. Keeping yourself and others safe will likely slow down day-to-day life, but rest assured that CSL is remaining online and will not be not slowing at all. Keep track of all of our upcoming matches by following us on Twitter and Twitch as we move towards crowning the collegiate champions!


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