Street Fighter V Soars Into The Grand Finals

COVID-19 put a damper on a lot of fighting game plans, but they haven’t been able to stop CSL’s Street Fighter V league. The many teams that have fought for a chance to reach the Divisionals won’t have to worry about anything, as the semifinals and onwards will continue all the way up to the explosive Grand Finals. 

During this journey, we’ve been introduced to a lot of great teams that have shown what they’re made of in matchups of knowledge, mind games, reads, and reactions. From Wayne State to Sheridan College, there have been so many different teams that have played, but only a select few have made it this far. Let’s take a look at some of the best moments so far!


The first local qualifying round featured the teams of Wayne State, Lambton College, Michigan State, and the University of Windsor and was an amazing display of skill. The final matchup of this first qualifier had Lambton facing Windsor, with Lambton decisively winning the prize. The Cody player of this team, known as, “The Gorillas,” showed us exactly why Lambton chose their name, ending the round with a barrage of violence and a perfect finish.

The North 2 Regional Qualifier was another of the large qualifiers and introduced us to one of the strongest teams in the entire league, Sheridan College, with their two amazing players Silverruppe and Roseanne.

These two players showed no mercy and had some of the best pressure, whiff punishes, and optimization in the entire league. I mean, just look at these next two clips featuring Silverrupee and his Ed!

In a manner that was just as clean as their punish game, Sheridan swept the competition and took out Lambton in the finals. Expect to see these bad boys in the Divisionals coming up soon.


The South 1 Regional featured another group of great teams. The breakout school from this event was most definitely the University of Texas at Dallas, known for their great pressure and knack for putting their opponents in the most uncomfortable spot possible.

They weren’t the only challengers appearing here: the University of Texas at Austin gave them a run for their money with their Kolin player, Frostbite. Frostbite’s movement, optimization, and oki options were quite the spectacle. 

While Frostbite brought things down to the wire, Dallas’s Kermit managed to finish things off and take the entire regional for his team. Their win placed the University of Texas at Dallas right into the Divisionals.


While we know two of the teams that will be showing up in Divisionals, the rest haven’t been revealed just yet. That bit of info will be revealed on May 23-24 when the Divisionals games are played. After that, get ready for the ultimate collision of skill with the first CSL Street Fighter V Grand Finals on May 30th. Stay tuned and catch all the action over on our Twitch!


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