CSL Smash Regionals Recap: The Dawn Before Divisionals

The beginning was hype but we’re finally passed all that. Countless schools have made it past the opening barrier and now we’ve finally reached what many have waited for. Collegiate has finally hit crossover territory between its current Super Smash Bros Ultimate local qualified schools and we are now in regional qualifier city.

For those that don’t know, this means that each school that won or was a runner-up (depending on the number of competitors) in their local qualifier will be facing off against other local qualifiers from their region. This is where all the dream matches of different schools from different states come to prove that they deserve to advance from simply regional competition to the big boy divisionals qualifiers.

Obviously, that means that the competition will only get tougher from here, so only the strongest will be able to hold on and keep advancing. If you’re wondering what fearsome teams you should be looking at during these upcoming weeks, then we’ve got you covered with a few of my personal favorite teams, moments, and a few words from said teams as well.

With all that out of the way, let’s take a look back at the regional qualifiers that have taken place so far! Keep in mind that this time around only the top TWO teams will advance to the divisional round.

The North 2 regional qualifier was full of a few of my personal picks to go all the way in this circuit, and, as always, it was full of upsets as well. Teams that I’ve boasted and hyped up earlier in the competition didn’t even make it to grand finals, funnily enough. However, one thing during this crew tournament was truly evident: Western University and Michigan State University both came to play.

From start to finish, it really seemed like these two teams were in it to win it which coincidentally led them both to meet in grand finals. Even though Michigan State couldn’t be taken out of the lead in their first bout during this round, Western wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet and made it back for the rematch from the losers bracket after a close crew set with Michigan Technological University.

Of course, my favorite team, MSU, was showing all this event that they weren’t going to come up and take the set back for free.

The grand finals set that followed was a great testament to that with MSU maintaining a constant lead, truly showing that they came here to do nothing but win.

With Michigan State University taking first and Western University landing in the runner-up spot, both schools carry on to Divisionals.

The East 1 qualifier may have been one of the smaller ones but it was stocked with a few of my personal favorite schools and tons of great matches as to be expected from this round of the circuit. Here we found that University of Maryland is still on their toes with some of the most enjoyable players to watch in the circuit. The team went undefeated and, after a close winner’s finals, grabbed a seat in the grand finals waiting room.

However, they’re going to want to be even more prepared with the competition that’s coming from other regions such as North Carolina State University - who in fact, lost to UMD in the winner's finals and fought their way back to grands from their L.

UMD enjoyed a strong lead during this great grand finals set, but, once NC State unleashed Gram and his ZSS on them, things started to turn around as he went on a tear and gave his team time to adapt to UMD, leading to a bracket reset.

After the reset, NC stopped playing games and kept that momentum going with a huge lead which took them all the way to taking the grand finals over UMD convincingly! Hopefully, we’ll be able to see UMD step up against this threat during the divisional round as both they and NC State advance!

The East 2 was yet another regional full of a ton of favorites, but of course much like the last, only two will be able to continue on from this round of qualifiers. This was one of those rounds where no one was sure who was going to take it based solely on how close just about each and every match was. Spoiler alert: even the champions of this regional, Rutgers University had a bunch of trouble making it to grands.

Now when I say that just about every set was mad close I mean it. However, Rutgers kept their momentum going and made it all the way up to a comfortable spot waiting it out in grand finals.

The team that made it to grands and advance to divisional qualifiers with them? None other than another circuit favorite New Jersey Institute of Technology team A!

The South 1 regional event was easily one of my favorites so far. Not only were the matches great, but the commentary was entertaining and informative - big ups to whoever was on the mic a good bit of the time at the event. One thing is for sure though, University of Texas at Dallas was here to defend their turf and took two clutch victories to make it to divisionals round.

Of course, they won’t be alone as University of Tennessee and their limelight star Studz with his godlike Yoshi made their way to a runner-up spot after taking on the losers bracket gauntlet. They will be joining UTD in the divisionals round of CSL Smash!

The South 2 regional followed behind East 2’s by having nothing but close crew sets throughout the event. However, the stars of this show were definitely University of Central Florida and Florida International University who met up in what was probably the best grand finals in the entire regional series so far.

And yes, the 6master and his Pac Man came back and stole my heart with his tech once more.

With such a close entire regional event you’d be right to guess that the grand finals came down to the wire as well. UCF and FIU put on a great show and really showed everyone that they both deserve that divisional slot with UCF taking home the gold with two stocks left!

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