CSL Smash West Regionals Recap

With CSL’s Smash Circuit coming to an unfortunate early end we reach our final event which was the second batch of regional tournaments. While things may be taking an early finish there has been some spectacular skill showcased throughout the league from each and every player. This skill didn’t stop and showed even at these last Western regionals! Let’s take a look with one final recap and highlight reel for these two events.

The bracket of this event was full of tons of familiar faces and started off with some blowups as well as some close calls. One of said blowups was the showcasing of Cal Poly Pomona’s Cyro, who was constantly dropping the opposing team’s stocks from the most impossible odds and in the most spectacular fashion.

Another force to be recognized that showed up at this event was University of California, Irvine’s Lt.Surge. His heavy rushdown Ryu was one of the most enjoyable characters to watch at this event. It was really cool to see this character played like he’s still in Street Fighter, especially with how he shimmied and punished this last return to stage attempt.

One match I was looking forward to during this regional was between Cryo and T3 Dom, the Richter Belmont master. We got an early look at this matchup early in the bracket with Cryo taking the W, however, Dom was definitely adapting and even got a stylish stock off Cryo during the match. 

For those that thought Lt.Surge was strong, he met his match when he was faced up against CPP’s anchor player, Eon and his Fox, who met him beat for beat and ended up dictating a lot of the neutral against this strong Ryu.

With the teams that were in most of the highlights it may be easy to know who exactly was in grands of this tournament and yes, it was UCI and CPP. Both of these teams packed full of strong players took things to literally the last two players with 3 stocks each. The big rematch between Cryo and T3 Dom but this time with both players starting off on equal footing and the data being analyzed from their first match. 

And yes things were quite close with both players going blow for blow.

However things ended off on a bit of a weaker note with Richter’s mediocre recovery having no way to get Roy off of him on his way back to the stage in the end. Cryo and CPP took this regional in spectacular fashion.

Another large bracket was present at the West 2 major where a total of ten teams were present. This was yet another regional that started off strong and ended off on another crazy tense set. One of those sets that got the stage ready for the flow of things to come was the very close match between Jay and Rumi which ended with both players very close to being KO’d.

Another great match that went tat for tat was between the two players Kaps and Normie, where both players showcased their amazing technical and combo skill. Not to mention, there were some amazing reads showcased during this matchup.

It was also during the meeting between the two schools (WeS and University of California, Berkeley) that we got our first look at the WeS anchor Konga. Both players were doing great this match and stock after stock was lost. However, Konga took the big fall this time around, but don’t worry he’s going to be back.

It was after this set that we were introduced to the very strong University of British Columbia-A team where they took their set with 7 stocks to spare, giving us an indication of things to come. 

And yes, those things did indeed come, much sooner than one would think. UBC-A’s Infinity went in again in the direct next set and put his team in the lead with 14 stocks to 9 with his very smart Olimar play, showing his knowledge of the characters and his situations. His constant circle camping, resource management, knowledge of how to move, and when to show disjoints was a great sight.

Of course, he isn’t UBC-A’s only strong player, as AIMD showed us shortly after with his great Meta Knight. He came in with some great tech and mixups where he showed how strong Meta Knights deceptive endlag can be. Also, that windbox finish was super stylish and perfectly timed.

In the end, things came down to WeS vs UBC-A which was personally the matchup I was looking forward to. This set between crews was one of the most exciting in the whole season with some of the most heart-dropping moments.

However, things all came down to UBC’s anchor Infinity and his Olimar. However, Kavi did his job and took two stocks from this anchor/best player which makes WeS’s anchor Konga’s job much easier. But you best believe that Infinity was going to make sure that this win would be anything but easy with no just one,

But TWO stocks back to back!

In the end, things got way too close for comfort with a lot of the crowd beginning to believe that Infinity was going to take this for free. However, Konga came back with a lot of amazing reads back to back and took the tournament for WeS crew with a down smash read on Infinity’s roll recovery. Literally, one reaction took the whole event!

Sadly this is an early finish for the league but it was a great finish for sure. Let’s hope many of these players will be able to come back for next season to show off their stuff and take things as far as they should! This was an amazing season all around and it was hopefully a great experience for the players as well!

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