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Collegiate Smash Regional Qualifier Dates Announced

Hey College Smashers!


We’re really pumped to see the incredible community reception of our Smash announcement at Shine 2017.  We’re also sure that it left you all with one burning question--”When is the first round of qualifiers in my region?”  Today, we’ll be answering that question!


For a full size image of the dates, click here. 


Each of these 16 events will be featuring double elimination brackets for both Melee and Smash 4 5v5 crews and 1v1 college student-only singles.


The 5v5 crew battle brackets are the key focus of the CSL 2017-2018 circuit.  The top four teams from each of these local qualifiers will go on to regionals after winter break, moving a step closer to the $15,000 prize pool for each game.


On the other hand, the singles brackets will be played for a cash prize paid out at the end of the day, with entry costing $5 per player.  Even if you belong to a small school with a quiet Smash scene, this could be your time to shine and get involved with CSL Smash!


Full season registration for 5v5 teams will be made available very shortly.  For now, make sure to keep your schedules clear on the date that corresponds with your region, and get a head start by creating an account on!



Is this literally a joke? My school is Syracuse University, in the old system upstate smash had qualifiers then finals and the best team would make it to a larger tourney in NYC. The upstate schools (UB, SU, RIT, RPI - to name a few) not do not have the ability to play in this league. It's impossible for our team, and probably any other team to make the 5+ hour drive to Brooklyn to play in the "tristate" qualifier. Not to mention other schools, like "Texas" is a region, but there are schools that were registered for the old TMG that are in San Antonio (a five hour drive from the Texas qualifier) not to mention the biggest school in Texas is in Austin 3.5 hours away from the chosen qualifier. This system eliminates so many schools from being able to play in the league it's a joke, I hope next year you guys get your shit together and change the system so schools in upstate new york, and many many other areas have an available qualifier.

10 months ago


There's a 1 hour driving distance from New England south and north

10 months ago

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