McMaster Underdogs Attempt To Fight Off Top Ontario Player

Marking the halfway point of the Bud Light End Game Canadian FGC tour, some of Ontario’s underdog collegiate players and a familiar face gathered at Emerson 109 in Hamilton for another night of Smash 4 this Wednesday.

Neighboring McMaster University’s students made up the bulk of the attendees, but representatives from Niagara, Sheridan, Lakehead, Centennial, and University of Waterloo also came through. Most notably, the #2 ranked player in Ontario, Centennial College’s Blacktwins made his End Game debut. His consistently high ranking within the region since Brawl set him as the clear favorite to win the event--that said, Smash 4 tends to produce unpredictable results more often than not.

With a giant target on his back, Blacktwins charged through the winners bracket with ease until he encountered UW’s Tsuji in semifinals. Tsuji uses Ganondorf, a character universally considered to be among the worst in the game. Blacktwins is locally notorious for his tournament-level prowess with multiple strong characters, especially Mario and Cloud. However, Blacktwins used Robin, a low tier of his own for the first part of the bracket. As such, Tsuji was able to keep the matches close and take a game in the best-of-three set. Unfortunately for our low tier hero, Blacktwins switched to Mario once the heat was on, and Tsuji was sent to losers bracket 2-1.

While Blacktwins cruised to grand finals 3-0 over McMaster’s Codex (Rosalina & Luma), Tsuji was able to climb through two more sets to reach the losers finals. Codex closed it out 3-1 and got his rematch against Blacktwins, but unfortunately ate another 3-0 defeat. Unlike previous End Game events, the up and comers didn’t get to deliver any upsets, but that’s fine too! We’ve still got four events left before the end of the season, so come out and compete in them for a shot at $1,000 in cash and prizes--and potentially your chance to defeat a local top player that’s also a student!

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Photo Credit on all go to Joseph Chow (@josphchw).


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