Full Breakdown of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gameplay Mechanics

Hey guys, Max Ketchum here. Toronto Joe and I have had the unbelievable privilege of getting our hands on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for an extended period of time thanks to Nintendo and some very helpful friends in the Smash community. After about 3 hours of gameplay each, here are all the findings we’ve made! This will be posted in two versions, first about only the mechanics and then later we’ll add in all the character specific stuff we manage to pick up in our final day of playtesting.

Without further ado, here it is.


Dude...this game is fire. As a long-time competitive players in every Smash title, it’s a dream come true. It leans more toward the “modern” Smash experience (like Smash 4, which was more reminiscent of Brawl than Melee but still a bit of a blend in some areas), but we see Ultimate attracting a lot of players from both the Melee and Smash 4 crowds because of its new mechanics.

Almost everything we could’ve put on a wishlist addressed to Sakurai himself has been addressed and implemented. It feels like they really listened to the feedback that multiple community members (ourselves included) gave to the Nintendo staff on the E3 2014 show floor when we demoed Smash 4.

Remember, all of this information reflects a game still under development, so any and many of the things you read here could be changed by the time the game drops on December 7th. Take everything with a grain of salt!









Air Dodging





Special moves







Smash Attacks








Finishing Blows


Other UI Changes

Certain display changes have been made that don’t affect gameplay, such as:


Bonus section: Wishlist

If we could change the game ourselves, here's what we'd add or edit.


Smaller, more specific changes:



We’re extremely stoked to have gotten so much time with the game. Big thanks to Nintendo of America for providing so many setups and premiere access to the game! Although we figured out a lot of stuff, there’s still much more to be done--especially when it comes to character specifics, so we’ll be sure to test as many of them as we can on the show floor today.

If you noticed a mechanic or character change that wasn’t detailed in this article, please reach out to @MaxKetchum_ or @TorontoJoe on Twitter with your findings and we’ll add it in and credit you. 

Thanks for reading, and please share this around so it reaches as many people as possible! Follow @cstarleague on Twitter for more Smash news as we move into the new season.


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