Smash 2018-2019 Circuit Information

Hopefully you all enjoyed the first year of CSL Smash! We had a blast and we're stoked to gear up for another year. Last year involved a lot of learning and growing, so we appreciate all the club leaders, TOs, and players for giving us feedback throughout the year. We're also incredibly amped for the release of Ultimate this December. To prepare for that, we're shifting around dates of the Circuit to line up with the new game and make sure that players have enough time to prepare. 

Important Changes

Circuit Details

The Smash Circuit will begin in January for both Melee and Ultimate. We'll run 16 local qualifiers and between 4-8 auxilliary events based on demand. The winner of each will advance to Divisionals. There will be four Divisional tournaments and the winner of each will advance to Nationals. In addition to travel support between Locals and Divisionals, we have a $15,000 prize pool up for grabs for both Melee and Ultimate ($30,000 total!).  

Singles Tournaments

In addition to our primary 5v5 Crews Circuit, we'll be hosting 8 additional Singles Tournaments across North America. Some of these events may be at Local or Divisional events. These will be open to any college student and each will feature a $200 pot bonus for Melee, and a $200 pot bonus for Ultimate.

The 8 regions for our Singles Tournaments are: NorCal, SoCal, New England, Ontario, Texas, DMV, Tristate, Atlanta/Carolinas

Notes for New Teams/Players/Organizations

If you're returning to CSL again, read this over as a refresher. Alternatively, if you are new to CSL as a player, coordinator, coach, or faculty, these are helpful bits of information for you. For complete details, please read the rules page linked below as well! For any additional questions, you can reach us at [email protected]



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