Press Release

CSL Smash 2019 is live!

Hey college Smashers, we're back with another year of the CSL Smash circuit!


Since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is releasing on December 7th, we took a different approach to this year. For the fall semester, we've been supporting collegiate Smash events as part of our campus tour, but we're officially kicking off the Smash league in January when school resumes.


This season is an abbreviated one due to the timing of Ultimate's release, but we're still offering the same $15,000 prize pool for national finals, as well as travel stipends for teams that have to travel after winning local qualifiers. (Only local qualifiers that have 4 or more teams enter will qualify for stipends)


Registration still costs only $25 for a whole team, plus any venue fee your local organizer may charge on the day of the event. Make sure to sign up now!


Without further ado, here are the Spring 2019 local qualifiers! All teams wishing to participate in the league must attend these to make it further.



We've also attached this FAQ document for any questions you may have.


Thank you, and we hope to see you this season!


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