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Now Live: Winter Wonderslam!


With winter break upcoming and this season finishing, we are happy to announce the Winter Wonderslam! Join us as we host multiple events for various games during the month of December. More details for each game in Winter Wonderslam can be found below!

Dota 2

To relieve the stress of school and the CSL season, we’re going to be hosting various Dota 2 arcade lobbies! Starting with Grand Magus on Saturday, December 15th at 2pm PST, the player with the most wins at the end of each day will receive $25. We know it’s been a stressful school year, so come chill with us and play some nice cooldown games before the holidays. Don’t get cold feet!

Lobbies will be hosted on the CSL discord under the Dota 2 section:

Link here:

Dates & Events:




League of Legends

As we head into the winter break season, join us in our first League of Legends Division 0 & Division S preseason. Between December 7th to January 5th you will be able to compete in Div0/DivS and rank up our CSL ladder on our Faceit hub.


Preseason Information

Event Runtime: December 7th to January 5th
Format: Queue as a solo player, as a party, or as a full 5-man team.


Div 0 Requirements: Must be a current college student with a .edu email address.

Div S Requirements: All Div 0 requirements and you must be ranked diamond or higher.


Div 0 Prizing: 6 - $50 RP Cards
Div S Prizing: 2 - $100 RP Cards

To qualify for prizing you must complete 10 games in either Div 0 or Div S. At the end of the preseason 6 Div 0 players and 2 Div S players will be randomly selected to receive prizing.


How to Join

  1. Create a Faceit Account

  2. Add League of Legends to “Game Settings” on Faceit

    1. Click the drop down menu on the top right hand corner (next to your profile picture)

    2. Select “Game Settings”

    3. If you have LoL added as a game, click “Update Game Profile.” Otherwise, add LoL to your Faceit account. (Please use the beta code ‘CSL2018’)

  3. Verify your League of Legends account with Faceit

  4. Create a CSL Account

  5. Join the CSL Discord

  6. Join Div0 Faceit Hub


Have Questions?


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Join us starting this Monday, December 10th, starting at midnight to prove your state’s superiority in the collegiate CSGO scene! Compete with players from your state to defeat other state’s best players to see which state is the most skilled in CSL.


Tournament Link:


Dates & Events:

December 10th - January 6th




How to Play:

  1. Sign up for a free Faceit account if you do not have one already

  2. Follow this link and click ‘Accept Invitation’:

  3. Create a team here

  4. Name your team whatever you want, but it must contain your state’s name (Georgia bowlcut)

  5. Click ‘Play’ on the div0 page

  6. Select the team that you created

  7. Wait for another team to join the queue


Rocket League

Join us this Saturday, December 8th, at 12pm PST for a fun and lighthearted Rocket League competition featuring the best the college scene has to offer by taking to the ice for some car hockey! This is just the first part of our CSL Winter Warmup, which features a new RL game mode each weekend with all players on the winning teams receiving $10 each. Wear your school pride out on the ice, or team up with rivals from across the continent. The choice is yours!


Tournament Link:


Dates & Events:




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