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CSL Vainglory Spring Tournament Details

After a great Fall season, CSL is back with some changes, and even more awesome Vainglory activity for the Spring of 2017! If you’re returning, or a new player itching to join, make sure to check out this post for all the relevant details for CSL Spring 2017.

Want ICE? Join our Battle Royale Tournaments

We’re going to ease into things this Spring. We’ll be hosting three Battle Royale tournaments with ICE prizing for the top teams. This is a good chance to have some fun, get acquainted with your teams, and win some ICE!

What is Battle Royale: a quick game mode, Battle Royale forces you to play in lane, gives advanced levels and starting gold. It’s a blood bath, and the games end a lot quicker.

Dates & Times

Tournament #1:


Tournament #2:


Tournament #3:



1st: 2,000 ICE per player (6,000 total)

2nd: 1,500 ICE per player (4,500 total)

3/4th: 750 ICE per player (2,250 per team; 4,500 total)


Who’s eligible

All North American college/university students. Teams must consist of players from the same college!


CSL Spring 2017 Season

After the Fall Season, we’re back for a full Spring season. This is going to be bigger and better than before! Make sure to read all the information carefully before signing up!


Dates & Times


What’s at Stake

$10,000 total prize pool:


Additional requirements:


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