Season Guide to CSL Spring 2017


General Information

CSL is an intercollegiate gaming league open to all accredited colleges and universities in North America. Starting Fall 2016, we will be running two seasons with weekly matches. There will be single unified division for all teams. All matches will be played using official VGL rules unless otherwise denoted ( During the regular season, teams will play Best of Three’s in two round robin conferences; the first being geographical. The top teams will then advance to a Best of Three single-elimination playoff bracket.

Summary of Key Points

  • Official VGL rules will be utilized unless otherwise denoted. VGL rules may be viewed here:
  • Regular season format is round robin group play, with a format of best of three, Captains Mode
  • Teams will be seeded by ranking from the first round robin and mixed with teams from other conferences
  • Top teams advance to playoffs, which features a single elimination bracket
  • Teams need (1) a coordinator and (2) a minimum of three unique players

Schedule - Spring Season

  • April 8: Week 1
  • April 15: Week 2
  • April 22: Week 3
  • April 29: Week 4
  • May 6: Week 5
  • May 13: Week 6
  • May 20: Week 7
  • May 27-28: PLAYOFFS Ro16, Ro8

Tips for New Coordinators and Teams

Running a CSL team can be daunting, fun, or both! Here are some tips that we've gathered over the years to make the best of your experience:

1. Read the rules

Carefully. Rules are very important for creating a smooth experience!

2. Pick a responsible coordinator

This is the person who will submit lineups/report on time, file disputes for forfeits or cheating accusations, and communicate with CSL admins on your behalf. You don't want to incur penalties because your coordinator is forgetful!

3. Know that not all teams are flexible

The default time for CSL matches is set for Saturday 12:00pm Pacific. Most of the time our teams are friendly and can reschedule, but you may run up against a team that also has other obligations and cannot. Sign your team up for this league knowing that you will have to set aside time on Saturday afternoons

Official Rules

The following are the official rules of the CSL Vainglory league. We will be utilizing the official VGL rules unless otherwise denoted ( Rules cover eligibility, format, match procedures, reporting, penalties, and more. Any issues that arise which are not covered within the current rules will be settled at the discretion of CSL admins on a case-by-case basis, and when applicable, penalties set when deemed appropriate. Rules may be added or modified if deemed necessary

Team Eligibility

  • Each team must belong to an accredited college or university with a physical address (online universities are ineligible). The university must offer at least a 2-year degree program
  • All teams must have a minimum of 3 players who are all students at the same university. There is no maximum number of players per team
  • If a school or university has a population of less than 5,000, a player may request to join a nearby, affiliated university's team. All such requests will be evaluated by CSL administrators on a case-by-case basis and any exceptions must be renewed on an annual basis
  • Factors of determination include, but are not limited to: the student's level of skill, the possibility of forming a team at his or her university, the average skill of the neighboring university, and the potential of rule-abuse. Please send an email to [email protected] with relevant information when requesting an exception
  • Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that all members of the team follow the guidelines outlined in the section 'PLAYER ELIGIBILITY' below
  • CSL reserves the right to verify transcripts or any proof of education via checking with university authority figures such as Deans, Professors, or any other such person that can verify the authenticity of student records
  • Failure to provide verification to CSL administration will result in disqualification and forfeiture of any and all prize money

*Procedural note: when sending us an email regarding player exceptions, please make sure to include links to your school’s enrollment numbers, any affiliation with the school you’re looking to join, your own in-game profiles, and any additional information you may think is necessary. We will ignore emails that do not present at least the minimum information required here

*Procedural note 2: Having a school-affiliation and a population of less than 5,000 does not mean we will accept your exception request! These benchmarks are simply for us to consider the exception. Please understand that - everything needs to be approved via email by us first!

Player Eligibility

  • Each player must be currently enrolled in a university with a valid university email address
  • Players NOT registered as current students can be considered for eligibility under special circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions can typically be made for players from especially small schools, with a total student population of less than 5000, and that are affiliated with larger universities, such as a community college with a direct feeder program to a nearby 4- year university. All such requests need to be emailed to [email protected] and APPROVED via email by an administrator
  • Players cannot be suspended by CSL for previous infractions outside of the CSL
  • Players must be registered with valid names, school emails, and Vainglory ID’s (this is your unique ID: XerisLighT for example)
  • Barcode IDs and any other offensive names are not allowed - players must use their CSL website username and team tag for ALL official CSL matches (e.g. [UCSD] Xeris). Failure to use proper identification will result in penalties. See section; penalties
  • Player registration is open through the regular season. At the end of the last weekend of regular season play, rosters will officially LOCK and no new players may be added
  • Players can only play for one school. Players cannot switch schools during the season, even in the case of a transfer of schools. This means that if players transfer schools mid-season, they should still play for team they registered for at the start of the season
  • Professional players are not allowed to participate in the league. A professional player is defined as a player who has played in Vainglory's Evil 8 league (or Vainglory 8)
  • Students on academic probation are unable to play in CSL. Players found in violation of this rule are subject to penalties. See section: penalties
  • Each player must be enrolled as a full time student (a minimum of 12 credit hours, or 3-4 classes, depending on the university's requirements). Some exceptions to this rule are possible; please email [email protected] with relevant information about your situation to get approved to participate
  • CSL staff will request and check official transcripts of all players who qualify for the playoffs and may ask for these documents at any time during the season. Failure to provide proof of education will result in penalties. See section: penalties

Regular Season Format

  • CSL will organize teams into (roughly) geographical round robin conferences
  • The first team to win 2 games in a regular season match earns a MATCH win

Playoffs and Tie Breakers

  • The top teams in each group will advance to a single elimination playoff bracket. The number of playoff teams will be decided at the start of the season based on the total number of participating teams and conference sizes
  • In the playoffs, the same rules and procedures as during the regular season will apply except the expanded match format
  • To determine the top performing regular season teams we rank the following criteria:
    • Match record (defined by total matches won - total matches lost)
    • Individual set differential (defined by taking the total number of sets won - total number of sets lost). A set is defined as a game within a series/match
    • Head-to-head matchup, if applicable
    • Number of forfeits and infractions
  • In the case of a team being tied in both match score and set differential and no head-to-head result is available, the teams will play a in a tiebreaker round which will be a series of matches between the tied teams, played with the regular season CSL format to determine placing
  • Tiebreaker games are ONLY played if the result will impact priority seeding positions (defined as a seed which grants a first round BYE vs not receiving a BYE, or a seed granting a playoff spot versus not granting a playoff spot)
  • Ties that DO NOT affect priority seeding positions (e.g. if two teams are tied for the 12th and 13th seed) will be decided by coin toss rather than tiebreaker games

Match Format

  • Teams will compete against each other in one weekly match throughout the season
  • Default times for matches are Saturday 12:00pm Pacific (PST)
  • The form of competition is Vainglory, played on the most recent patch, using VGL rules

Gameplay Rules

  • Official VGL rules available here:
  • All live streamed matches must have at least 3 minute delay, with both teams consenting. PLEASE NOTE: any time a game is streamed there is the potential for cheating
  • CSL admins, streamers, or team coordinators are the only observers allowed in each game. Players however, have a right to request no observers in a game with the exception of official CSL administrators or casters
  • Teams who wish to have additional observers in-game may do so only with the approval of the opposing coordinator. Teams who wish to stream their own games must likewise first get the approval of the opposing coordinator. Teams who allow observers or their own streamers, however, understand the possibility of cheating and will subsequently waive their right to complain about observer cheating or stream cheating
  • A match officially broadcast by CSL may not have any other observers, superseding the above mentioned observer rules
  • All chat/messaging should be limited to only what is necessary contact to play the match. Excessive or bad mannered chat may result in penalties for the offending player. See section; penaltie
  • Procedural note: To claim a set win, please request politely: "please stop chatting or I am reporting you for a chatting violation," and then do not respond to further provocations by other players. If the other player continues to chat and BM (Bad Manner), it would be perfectly acceptable to, at that point, leave the game and send us the unfinished game replay to claim a win
  • The “home” team as denoted on the match page will ban first and start as team A (blue team) for the first set, the second set will reverse the positions, and the third set will be blind pick without bans, as per VGL rules
  • Players must use their CSL website username and team tag for ALL official CSL matches (e.g. [UCSD] Xeris). This is to make life easier for casters, administrators, and opposing coordinators wanting to report games easily!
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember, results will stand if you play through the game. If there are problems or issues (lag, chat violations, etc) that call for a regame or forfeit, please pause the game and speak to a CSL admin. If you play through the game, you CANNOT retroactively request regames or forfeits (unless both teams agree on a regame)


  • Teams will be allowed 3 substitutions for the entire season; substitutes must come from their CSL team roster
  • Only 1 substitution is allowed per match. Extra subs must be explicitly allowed by the opposing team and appropriately documented for proof
  • Coordinators may make just 1 substitution per match. Additional subs may only be made with the express permission of the opposing team. This permission must be documented and submitted as proof for substitution
  • Procedural Note: To explain further: a substitution only occurs DURING the match, in between games of the Best of Three series. Teams can use any pairing of 5 players from their roster on any given week. If a player needs to leave after a game, that team may substitute him for another player. Players CANNOT be substituted during a game

Administrative Rules

  • Each team will have a coordinator that is responsible for organizing his or her team, submitting lineups and results, taking accurate screenshots as evidence for forfeits, and serving as a point of contact with CSL staff and other coordinators.
  • The pre-set time for all matches is Saturday, 12:00pm Pacific. Matches must be played at the default time unless both teams agree to play their matches beforehand. No matches can be postponed past the weekend (exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis upon detailed review by CSL administrative staff). **NOTE: If your team is selected to play a LIVE BROADCAST, it cannot be rescheduled
  • A team who does not show up for a match 15 minutes after the default start time will forfeit the match. Players are given a 3 minute grace period in between sets; a player who is not ready for his specific set within 3 minutes of the previous game ending auto-forfeits
  • IN ORDER TO CLAIM A FORFEIT WIN: please click the “request forfeit” button on the match page, submit your screenshot (if you have multiple, please combine them into one image) and write a brief description to explain the situation. An administrator will then review your request and accept or deny it. If your request is denied, CSL will contact you with an explanation and arrange a time for the match to be played
  • Match results must be uploaded to the website immediately after the match is played. A first instance of late reports will cause a warning, a second instance will result in the late-reported matches being considered null (0-0 for both teams), and a third instance will result in one loss added to the team's record. This rule will be strictly enforced this season
  • In order to report your game, the WINNING COORDINATOR MUST: (1) add the lineups, roles, and heroes played by all five members of BOTH teams, and (2) submit a screenshot of the victory screens. Failure to accurately report games will result in the penalties. See section; penalties
  • Due to the number of teams, we will be treating forfeits very carefully. Teams are allowed 1 forfeit with no penalty. Any forfeit after that (I.E. if your team has 2 or more forfeits during the season) will result in penalties. See section: Penalties
  • If assistance is needed, please email [email protected] For live assistance, there will be an admin available on CSL's official BAND CHANNEL. Click HERE to download the app and join the CSL channel!
  • During the week, CSL will have open "office hours" on our official BAND channel. Every Monday at 6pm PST, you'll be able to hop on our BAND channel and receive assistance from our admin. Click HERE to download the app and join the CSL channel!
  • *Procedural note: When agreeing to play a match before the scheduled time (“pre-pone,”) both teams must email [email protected] with the agreed upon date and time. Once this date and time is agreed on it will be considered the new official match time, and forfeit rules will apply to it

Penalties and Bannable Offenses

  • Forfeits: Due to the low number of teams and nearly guaranteed prize money; any team that has 2 forfeits throughout the season will subsequently forfeit $100 in prize money. Any team that has 3 forfeits throughout the season will subsequently forfeit $200 in prize money. There is a 1 forfeit grace. This means - if the 8th place prize is $250 and a team finishes the season with 2 matches forfeit but takes 8th place... that team will only earn $150 in prize money ($250 - $100 forfeit penalty)
  • Academic probation: a player found to be on academic probation will have all of his CSL matches overturned. That player will also be banned for the remainder of the CSL season and the following season. If it is found that the coordinator knowingly used a player on academic probation upon investigation, the coordinator may be removed from his or her position, or harsher penalties may be levied on the team, on a case by case basis
    • Addendum: a student who starts the season eligible to play, but ends up on academic probation mid-way through the year will not be allowed to play in any future matches, but his or her previous games will stand as valid. Any such case should be pointed out immediately to CSL administrators. Failure to do so will result in the penalty listed above for any game a player plays after going on probation. Failure to notify CSL administration of such cases will again, result in penalties
  • Falsifying records: a player or coordinator found falsifying records, including but not limited to a student’s enrollment or transcript information, will be immediately removed from the league and banned for 1 year. Furthermore, any and all matches played by the player in question will be overturned and all prize money earned by the entire team will be forfeit
  • Incorrect player names: We will send one warning to the COORDINATOR of the school if his or her players’ are found with incorrect user names in their CSL matches. Remember: for CSL matches, ALL players should have their CSL website ID and team tag! The errors must be corrected before the team’s next match. If the error is not fixed by the time of the next match, the team will receive one game loss, continuing each successive week the players’ information is not correctly updated. Warnings will start WEEK 1 of the season
  • Incorrect VG IDs: We will send one warning to the COORDINATOR of the school if his or her players’ are found with incorrect VG IDs in their profile. The errors must be corrected before the team’s next match. If the error is not fixed by the time of the team’s next match, said team will receive one game loss, and will continue receiving one loss each week the player's information is not correctly updated. Warnings will start WEEK 1 of the season
  • False or incorrect result reporting: Coordinators who upload false or incorrect results will receive one warning. A 2nd warning will result in the reversal of the game(s) in question. A 3rd warning will result in the entire match score being reversed. Any further infractions will result in removal from the league
  • Bad manner: Players who use excessive bad manner, insults, or such related behavior as determined by CSL staff will be given two warnings. A third instance of excessive bad manner will result in the offending player being banned from the current season. While determining bad manner is subjective - we generally only consider bad manner if it is aimed directly at a player, administrator, or done in-game
  • Hacking, Ghosting, Stream Cheating: Any type of use of an illegal 3rd party program or map hack, stream cheating, or other activity that leads to one player gaining an unfair advantage will be immediately banned from the current season and 1 year thereafter. Furthermore, any and all prize money earned by that player will be forfeit, and all his or her matches reversed. For documentation purposes, prize money earned by an individual will be calculated by taking the team’s winnings divided by the amount of players total (e.g. $10,000 / 5 players)
  • If a team that is selected to play a LIVE BROADCAST game fails to show up for its match on schedule, and did not notify us of any scheduling conflcits during the registration period will be subject to ONE warning. A second instance of a team not showing up to a Tuesday or Thursday live broadcast slot will result in a forfeit of $150 in any prize money the team wins. This amount will double for each subsequent violation
  • If a team qualifies for the live Grand Final and can not attend -- the team will forfeit 2/5 of its total prize money for every member who cannot attend

For any Vainglory related questions - please feel free to email us at [email protected] OR speak to an administrator during CSL's office hours on BAND every Monday between 6pm-7pm PST